Social Welfare

Lithope, pass the positive energy.

Everybit of contribution watered the tender years, every stream of effort loadedwith the sincerity of the society! With the development, the socialresponsibility of the corporate is understood as the overall contribution tothe society, to the stability and harmony of the society, and also the sustainabilityof the society! Yingtong adheres to the core philosophy as “Solidarity; Integrity;Persistence; Innovation”. Under the bondage and supervision of the nationalpolicy, the laws and regulation, Yingtong takes on the entitled responsibilityand mission by the society.

Withthe development of the market economy, a lot of entrepreneurs with a richsocial responsibility and morality emerge from many successful ones that earnedabundant benefits. They start to rethink about the meaning of life and redefinethe corporate mission. They work on the charity on the benefit of the talent ofentrepreneur; they work as the public welfare activist out of theresponsibility of being a citizen. Therefore, they take part in the socialself-management, and then rejuvenate and deepen the non-government commonwealtradition. They earnestly practice the management theory: “Prospering thesociety, creating a joyful and peace life for the people; people-oriented;being righteousness and wealth”, therefore, they acquire both social andeconomic benefits. From their view, public welfare business is theresponsibility of every corporate; public welfare business is the due conscienceof every entrepreneur. For the over ten years, Yingtong obtains achievementsall the way. As an enterprise of high social responsibility, at the time whenYingtong maintains its rapid development, who also strives to achievedevelopment together with employees, society and partners, to build dreams ofsuccess together.

港小学竣工典礼董事长黄晖先生发表致辞 董事长黄晖先生(二排左二)与领导们、院长剪彩仪式 董事长黄晖先生(左三)在其捐助的左港小学视察工作留影

Yingtongadheres to the “Cultivate the top talent; produce the first-class product; buildan outstanding enterprise and establish high-quality brands” as the managementobjective. Since 2001 till now, Yingtong constantly returns to the society by action.By helping poverty-stricken students, establishing Zuogang Modern PrimarySchool, funding for the construction of Science and Technology Building ofTongcheng No.1 Middle School, donating for the construction and equipment ofcanteen and dormitory of Chengfeng Middle School, donating for the building ofroad, improving the Social Welfare Institute, and donating the relief money forthe disaster-stricken area, Yingtong has donated more than 10 million throughvarious channels, among which, Zuogang Primary School is financially-supported,designed and established by Chairman Mr. Hubert Huang in person for returningto the hometown. The construction of Zuogang Primary School began on 18th,January, 2011. The total investment of Zuogang Primary School is 8.5 million.The coverage is 7,867m2 and the construction area is 3600 m2.The Zuogang Primary School is equipped with the first-class modern teachingfacilities, excellent teaching environment and condition, perfect schoolplanning and design. Now Zuogang Primary School is an integrated school from kindergartento primary school. It is a full-time boarding school that uses three languagesteaching: Chinese, English, Japanese and equipped with chinese, english, and japaneseteachers. Zuogang Primary School is completed in September, 2012. Thecompletion of Zuogang Primary School labeled a historical transition of theprimary teaching condition, and also the teaching environment in TongchengCounty. It also a symbol of an effective leap of the education in Tongchengthat keep pace with the large and medium-sized cities.

董事长黄晖先生为程凤中学捐建员工新食堂学生会场留影 港小学竣工典礼现场合影 董事长黄晖在捐建的通城一中科技楼前留影

In front of gratifyingachievements, Yingtong never stop. By looking back at the glorious course ofyesterday, Yingtong has seen a clear corporate development theme, which helpsYingtong obtain a corporate spirit accumulated by the years of refining. Bythinking over the past times, with the exciting business prelude of “The Songof Yingtong”, Yingtong will describe a much more magnificent chapter by theleading of Chairman Mr. Hubert Huang in the future days, and creating togethera promising future for Yingtong!