Corporate Glamours

The competition between enterprises in modern times is more than the competition of products, but more like the comprehensive strengths competition, such as the competition of the management, the corporate culture, the technical strength, the innovation ability and also the service, etc. Our chairman Mr. Hubert Huang makes an exact decisive strategy for the future development of our company, leading by the international brand, bringing in world advanced management theory to build and perfect the company management system. Yingtong has taken a series of fruitful measures in creative management, technology innovation, product research and development, quality control as well as enterprise development.

In years of management practice, Yingtong summaries and refines the core philosophy with a time characteristic: "Solidarity, Integrity, Persistence, Innovation", which helps the staff gain unite and positive mental strength, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. Therefore, the staff generate a creative and high-efficient work enthusiasm, leading and summoning by the spirit of which, Yingtong make progress constantly and mount to the new stages one by one.

Yingtong will make unremitting effort, leading Yingtong by talents, by scientific innovation and by corporate culture, to realize the ambitious vision and dream of Yingtong, create Yingtong as an aircraft carrier in the field of telecommunication cables, and escort for global telecommunication cables, describe the sustainable & splendid future of Yingtong!