Company profile

Company profile

Yingtong Communications Co., Ltd. was established in December 1999 and successfully listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 13, 2017 (stock code: 002861). Now it has: Hubei ying tong electronics co., LTD., hubei new precision electronics co., LTD., dongguan ying ying tong wire co., LTD., dongguan city electronic co., LTD., Wu Hanying tong intelligent audio technology research institute co., LTD., ying tong (Hong Kong) technology co., LTD., Guangxi ying tong intelligent electronic co., LTD., huizhou union rhyme acoustic technology co., LTD., Yingtong (Vietnam) Electronic Technology Co., LTD., Yingtong (India) electronic Technology Co., LTD. Ten subsidiaries, six production bases, four RESEARCH and development centers, one Yingtong management training center and one CNAS laboratory.

For more than 20 years, the company focused on all kinds of intelligent headset, wireless charger and cable, communications wire and other products development, production and sales, products are mainly used in mobile communications terminal products, personal computer, audio and video equipment and other intelligent terminal products and other fields, has become the international famous consumer electronics brand core suppliers.

Yingtong communications is a set of technology research and development, structural design, precision testing, assembly and distribution, technical services in one of the advantages of the enterprise, in the scale of supply, technology research and development, product quality, market share and other aspects are in the industry leading level.The company is committed to the development and research of new materials, new technology, new equipment and other aspects, and has 402 independent research and development patents, including 65 invention patents. Company won the national high-tech enterprises, the national intellectual property advantages, intelligent audio engineering technology research center, top ten scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, enterprise technology center in hubei province, hubei province, hubei province scientific and technological progress second prize, postdoctoral industry base, hubei province, member of hubei province experts workstation, China enterprise of electronic components, such as AAA credit rating companies dozens of honor.

Yingtong people in line with the quality policy of "committed to customer satisfaction, strive for perfection", with the service concept of "faster, better, better", bring together like-minded people, create a fighting elite team, through vertical integration of industrial chain and continue to improve the level of high precision automation manufacturing, to become the world's leading intelligent audio products overall solution provider!

Company will always adhere to the excellent talents, scientific and technological innovation and enterprise culture eagerly anticipates the enterprise development, with excellent business performance returns to investors, repay society with stronger sense of responsibility and mission!