Social responsibility

Love Sangzi For The Benefit Of One Party


Over the past 20 years, adhering to the concept of "living for beauty and doing for goodness", the company has given back to the society. Chairman Huang Hui and the company have donated more than 80 million yuan in total to participate in targeted poverty alleviation and public welfare charities. Through cooperation between village and enterprise, poverty alleviation by industry, donation for education, workshop for disabled people, etc., help local governments form “self-hematopoietic "capacity and strengthen village collective economy while" blood transfusion "for poverty alleviation.

The company ranks the first among the 20 "Most Beautiful Poverty Alleviation Enterprises" in Xianning city. Xianning Municipal People's Government awarded the company the honorary title of advanced unit of "helping the disabled get rid of poverty and building a moderately prosperous society"; The poverty alleviation workshop of the company has become the province's "employment demonstration base for the disabled"; Won the advanced private enterprise in the targeted poverty alleviation action of "thousands of enterprises helping thousands of villages" in Hubei Province; Huang Hui, chairman of the board of directors, won the "national advanced individual for poverty alleviation" and the "provincial Contribution Award for poverty alleviation" in Hubei Province.